از نیمکت خاموش ما با روانکاوانی ملاقات می کنیم که در واحدهای دیالیز، کلینیک های دوران بارداری، اتاق های هیئت مدیره شرکت ها، مراکز اجتماعی، سازمان های بشردوستانه و با کارگران تاکستان کار می کنند. ما امیدواریم که این گفتگوها آگاهی ما را از چگونگی گسترش تفکر روانکاوانه در جوامع ما گسترش دهد. 

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 توسط هاروی شوارتز ، دکتر ، رئیس IPA در کمیته بهداشت و استیون اس. رولف تولید و میزبانی می شود.
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آخرین قسمت 129

"Wearing the Attributes" - 50 سال به عنوان یک تحلیلگر با جودیت چاسد، MD (واشنگتن، دی سی)

توضیحات قسمت: We begin with Judy sharing her professional journey that led her to child analysis. She is active as a psychoanalytic clinician, supervisor, teacher, consultant, writer, and editor. We discuss four key papers of hers that study neutrality, enactments, informative experiences, and the role of attachment. Central to her writing and thinking is her curiosity about the inner lives of her patients, especially as action and interaction provide clues to that latent life. We discuss the analyst’s experience of ‘wearing the attributes’ that patients need to project onto us and tolerating the often deep discomfort in doing so. We consider how her model of therapeutic action, entailing surprise and changes in perceptual frame, does and doesn’t have some similarities to psychedelic-assisted therapy. We close with her sharing her analytic experiences with gender-conflicted boys and her hope for the future of our field.

مهمان ما:
Judith Fingert Chused, MD, is an Emeritus Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst at the Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis and Supervising Psychoanalyst at the Denver, Cleveland, and Seattle Institutes. She is also a Clinical Professor of Behavioral Sciences and of Pediatrics at the George Washington School of Medicine. She is married for 57 years to a former nursery school and medical school classmate and has seven delightful, mischievous grandchildren.

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20 مارس 2023