از نیمکت خاموش ما با روانکاوانی ملاقات می کنیم که در واحدهای دیالیز، کلینیک های دوران بارداری، اتاق های هیئت مدیره شرکت ها، مراکز اجتماعی، سازمان های بشردوستانه و با کارگران تاکستان کار می کنند. ما امیدواریم که این گفتگوها آگاهی ما را از چگونگی گسترش تفکر روانکاوانه در جوامع ما گسترش دهد. 

از نیمکت خاموش
 توسط هاروی شوارتز ، دکتر ، رئیس IPA در کمیته بهداشت و استیون اس. رولف تولید و میزبانی می شود.
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IPA Prejudices, Discrimination and Racism Committee with Abel Fainstein, MD (Buenos Aires)

We begin with Abel reading a statement from the Prejudices, Discrimination and Racism Committee which is included below. He shares with us his personal and family story that led him to be interested in racism and to chair this committee. We discuss the differences between benign otherness and malignant othering. He emphasizes the presence of negation in all of us, tempting us to ignore the dangers from discrimination. He speaks of the future of psychoanalysis and how he feels it depends upon its application in settings off the couch. We consider the risks of dilution of the training experience and also the great benefit to the many who will receive treatment from analytically oriented care. He warns us of the dangers of making the perfect the enemy of the good.

مهمان ما:
Abel Fainstein, MD is a Psychiatrist, Master in Psychoanalysis, Full Member and former President of the Argentine Psychoanalytical Association (APA) and the Psychoanalytic Federation of Latin America (FEPAL). He is a former member of the IPA Board and Ex Com ,Current Chair of the Prejudice, Discrimination, Racism Committee of the IPA, current advisor of the IRED Interregional Encyclopedic Dictionary in Psychoanalysis by the IPA, and of the Revista Uruguaya de Psicoanálisis by APU. He is a judge for the first IPA Tyresias Award on Sexual and Gender Diversity, 2021. He was awarded the KONEX Award in Psychoanalysis, 2016.

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